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Nothing causes damage quite like water leaking in a building. Moisture in a structure can lead to mould, bacteria and rot.

Unless identified and rectified, moisture can spread throughout the building and affect other rooms and even the foundations. Protecting the structural integrity of your building is essential to protect your investment and resale value of your property. Additionally, certain mould and bacteria can cause serious health problems for occupants of the building if left untreated.

Waterproofing is not a process you should DIY (do it yourself), even if you were able to learn how to do it, the products available to the public is inferior to industry-grade products professional like us have access to.


What causes water leaks?

Leaks in a building are caused by poor surface preparation. If not properly primed, waterproofing membranes can fail to bond to the surface, causing the membrane to blister due to poor drainage and moisture buildup.

This moisture buildup can then develop into cracks, mildew and rot, spreading throughout the entire structure if not resolved.

Priming for all surfaces – CFC, concrete, mortar screeds and plywood substrates – should always be performed with the manufacturer’s specified primer by a qualified professional.


Melbourne Waterproofing

Our waterpoofing process


Assess the Area

Our waterproofing specialists will come out to inspect the wet area that requires waterproofing.

Waterproofing Solution

Sealed Trading will recommend if not one a couple of waterproofing solutions with transparent costs. 

Quality Product and Installation

Our waterproofing experts use quality products for the area, and they use the correct methodology to apply the waterproofing membrane.


Guaranteed for 8 Years

At Sealed Trading, we follow best industry practices and work to the Building Code of Australia standards (AS3740). All our work is fully insured and guaranteed for a minimum of eight years.

Waterproof for homes and commercial buildings

Complete Waterproofing Systems


At Sealed Trading, we have a team of licensed waterproofing applicators who are qualified to recommend and install the best waterproofing system for your home or business. Our work complied with the National Construction Code (NCC) and Building Code of Australia standard AS3740.

We can properly prime your walls and floors to reduce porosity, dusting, air entrapment and moisture residue.

We then apply a waterproofing membrane, using the best method for your structure and budget. Advances in technology have made the methods of waterproofing membrane application more effective and less expensive.


The Sealed Trading team is also qualified to assess the direction and flow of water on your property during heavy rainfall, and can recommend preventative maintenance to protect from future leaks and the problems they cause.



our work

Waterproofing Projects

Below are some of the many bathrooms, balcony and rooftops we’ve waterproofed across Melbourne.