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Leak Repair & Waterproofing

At Sealed Trading, we understand suffering a water pipe leak in your home or business can be extremely distressing, expensive and disruptive. This is why we have a team of highly experienced waterproofers and leak repair experts that will provide you with the reassurance that the leaking pipe will be found and fixed as quickly as possible, with minimum disruption and cost to you.

As professional waterproofers, we believe prevention is better than repair! Unfortunately most of the time we are called to inspect a shower or bath leak, 8/10 we’d find poor waterproofing workmanship or none at all.

When it comes to homes and commercial buildings, waterproofing is a critical element for protecting the building and preserving its value. Poor waterproof can fail, leading to cracks, mould issues, and even structural defects.

Fortunately, if you discover waterproofing issues earlier rather than later, you could remedy the problem avoiding the major headaches and huge repair costs later.



Melbourne leak repairs

Shower Leak Repairs

Leaking Shower?


A leaking shower might not seem like a significant problem – after all, the water is in an area that gets wet all the time! However, leaks can cause mould, bacteria and rot to develop, leading to serious structural problems and health issues.

As well as causing cosmetic damage such as stains, leaks can also lead to severe damage requiring drywall and tiles to be entirely removed and replaced.

It is important to have a certified professional assess your shower and repair the cause of leaks as soon as possible to prevent serious damage.

How can Sealed Trading help?

Sealed Trading services homes all across the greater Melbourne metropolitan area.


Leak Inspection

We will assess your leaking shower and provide a thorough inspection report giving details of why the leak occurred and how it can be repaired.

Leak Repair Solution

The repair process may be simple or complex – we will always communicate clearly with you to explain what is required to remedy the leak and any resulting damage, and provide fair, upfront pricing.

Guaranteed for 8 Years

At Sealed Trading, we follow best industry practices and work to the Building Code of Australia standards (AS3740). All our work is fully insured and guaranteed for a minimum of eight years.

The following sequence is followed to repair damage once an inspection has been completed:



Tiles are removed from the floor, base of the wall (going higher as needed) and hob


Cement Bed

Cement bed (screed) is assessed and removed as required.


Subfloor and Walls

Subfloor and walls are assessed – if additional work is required, an updated report and quote will be provided.



Priming is completed, and polyurethane sealed is injected into the joints with the membrane.



Waterproofing liquid and flexible bandages are applied to the main junction joins of the walls and floor in accordance with Building Code of Australia standards.



A water-stop is installed at the shower base.


Sand-Cement Screed

New sand-cement screed is applied as required and allowed to dry.



New floor and walls are re-tiled with waterproof flexible adhesive.



Wall and floor are grouted.


Shower base

Shower base and all other junction joints and tap spindles are resealed, using the pro-flax sealant.


Taps and Shower-rose

Taps and shower-rose are re-installed.


Shower Screen

Shower screen is re-installed (where possible), or a new shower screen is applied and installed.

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