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Having a balcony is always an added advantage, more so if your apartment is small. It acts as an outdoor entertainment area, albeit small, giving you a scope breathing in fresh outdoor air.

However, things can turn ugly if that balcony has a waterproofing issue. A leaking or balcony is the last thing a household can expect as it can turn out to be a real nightmare. Fret not, however, if you are in Doncaster – for you have Sealed Trading. Get in touch with us at the earliest so that our experts can carry out balcony renovation in Doncaster to make amends to the defects before they cause any serious damage to your property.

Why is it important to make amends to balcony waterproofing issues at the earliest signs?

Leaking balconies are notorious for causing serious damage to your property and also to the properties beneath yours, and that damage only worsens with the passage of time. These problems are further aggravated during rainy seasons and can be pretty difficult to diagnose properly without invasive work. Unfortunately without any proper diagnosis, sustainable balcony repairs are practically impossible. That’s why, you must get in touch with our experts offering leaking balcony repairs in Doncaster.

Professional Balcony Renovation Melbourne
Leaking Balcony Repairs Melbourne

How does our Balcony Repairs in Doncaster work?

Our balcony waterproofing in Doncaster comprises:

Initial Inspection & Discussion
This phase includes discussion with you in regards to your balcony renovation in Doncaster. Taking stock of the issue you have got we will discuss with you our steps and the reasons behind them. We will also take your questions and try to resolve your queries in detail.

This phase of balcony renovation in Doncaster will include determining the leaks, carrying out the water pressure test, taking moisture metre reading, and finding the source of the leaks.

Reporting and Quoting
This phase includes reporting our findings to you along with the details of things that need to be done including the pricing thereof. Once you agree with our quotation for balcony renovation in Doncaster we come up with the restoration service.

What does our Balcony waterproofing in Doncaster include?

Our leaking balcony repairs in Doncaster would include:
  • Filling in the cracks
  • Laying down the balcony membrane
  • Waterproofing the balcony flooring with the options including liquid rubber membrane, waterproof peels, stick floor tiles, concrete, Linoleum, artificial grass, Vinyl, treated wood
  • Installing balcony enclosure
  • Fitting an awning
  • Painting the walls with water resistant primer
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What are the most pertinent Balcony waterproofing questions to ask?

Does every type of balcony need waterproofing?
Yes, balconies remain exposed to elements and hence, they need waterproofing
What type of waterproofing will my balcony need?

That depends on the type of balcony and exposure the balcony enjoys to the elements. Once you summon us, our experts offering balcony waterproofing in Doncaster will be able to tell you.

What types of balcony waterproofing do you offer?
We offer both silicon-based as well as water-based sealant options for your balcony.
How long will your waterproofing last?

Since we have the best experts offering the most effective waterproofing process using the best products during balcony renovations in Doncaster, it is likely to last for a long period of time to justify your investment in us.

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