Mirrors play a pivotal role in sprucing up the look and feel of your bathroom. Thus, when you opt for bathroom renovation, you must plan the right type and trend of mirror that can well be the focal point of your bathroom. Remember, a mirror can make or break your bathroom remodeling concept. While the right kind of mirror can take the aesthetics of your bathroom up by quite some notches, a blunder can defeat the very purpose of your bathroom remodeler concept. 

That is the reason, professionals who are into bathroom remodeling would suggest the trendiest mirrors that will add a significant look and feel to your new look bathroom as you renovate it. 

Oval Shaped Mirror

Oval is one of the most popular and accepted shapes of bathroom mirrors. The principle point is that this particular shape of the mirror goes a long way to influence the overall look and feel of your bathroom in a dramatic way. Experts who are into bathroom renovations in Melbourne would suggest setting up this type of mirror against a wall with textured tiles. 

That’s because, when set up against a wall with textured tiles, the mirror will create a rustic vibe, which can be further accentuated by adding an under-mounted basin. The oval design will lend compactness and it comes paired with dim lights and a chrome towel bar it creates an out-of-this-world ambiance. 

Metal Rimmed Mirror

If you want to add some extravagance to your bathroom you can opt for an intricately designed metallic framed mirror. This highly splendid mirror can be well complimented by a crystal, tiered chandelier,  which you can have suspended from the ceiling, coupled with a drop-basin to complete the entire setting. The trio of the mirror, the chandelier, and the basin will make the area look sleek, tidy, and compact. 

Bejewelled Circular Mirror

A bejewelled circular mirror would come with a studded frame that upholds the patagon of this particular mirror. In fact, that is the reason, the professionals assisting you with the Best best bathroom installation in St Kilda, would suggest this mirror. This mirror will let the light and shade play at will all over the space after being reflected from the surface of the mirror – something that makes the mirror perfect for your powder room. To make the most of this mirror, the professionals offering bathroom installation in Melbourne and suburbs would suggest a central lighting unit embedded in a fringed casing. The duo of this light and the mirror will create an alluring ambiance that you will simply adore.  

Mirror with a wooden frame

 And then, you can have a single rectangular wooden panelled mirror against a backdrop of a tiled or a light-coloured wall. It will help the design stand out exclusively, thus giving a somewhat natural look and feel to your bathroom. And the size matters here. Make sure it’s a large one, as its volume and sheer size will help it turn into the focal point of your bathroom if you are looking for one. 

So these are some of the most innovative forms of decor mirrors that can add that x-factor to your bathroom. Sealed Trading is the best name to turn to. Call us to book our service.