Renovating a laundry space is not as same as renovating any other space, for obvious reasons. The renovation must not come in the way of all the frenzy of activities that are carried out in laundry space. In other words, the renovation of the laundry space should be such that it should enhance the functionality quotient of the space by quite a few notches. So, laundry renovators must follow a few golden rules to enhance the functionality quotient of the laundry space. On this page, let us discuss the 4 golden rules that the renovators from bathroom remodeler service need to follow. 

Justifying the location for the laundry

Renovation of a laundry must justify the location that has been selected. In other words, the renovation must justify the location that has been configured at the time of construction. Typically, the laundries are located at a space that has proper access to the clothesline. Also, they are as much away from living rooms and bedrooms. That’s to ensure the frenzy of activities, the sound of the washing machine and the drier does not disturb your leisurely moments.  So the renovation of the laundry must justify this concept and the reputable laundry renovators near South Yarra would follow this concept. 

Adding Enough Room 

One of the most common mistakes that the renovators make while remodeling laundry is that they will not lend enough room to the laundry space. However, this is something that the experts will never commit. While renovating, the experts will add as much space to the laundry as it is possible. They will suggest setting  up appliances to fit in the space and ensure that there is enough room for clearance behind the machines. 

Customising the Layout 

Functionality is essential in laundry design, and built-in cabinetry is the most effective approach to optimise space. The available space will mostly determine the ideal layout, but your laundry priorities will also play a role. The experts would suggest making a list of the products you need to keep and the features you must have. The washer is the most important aspect of the laundry, and we prefer front loaders wherever feasible since they provide as much bench space as possible for folding and sorting clothing. The washing machine and dryer should be at each end, with a built-in sink in between and one long tabletop. You may stack your dryer on the washing machine to store mops and brooms. The experts offering laundry renovation in Melbourne will suggest all these to customise the layout of the laundry to add to its functionality factor. 

Tiling the laundry space

This is almost a MUST when it comes to renovating a laundry space. Laundries are exposed to almost perpetual water and dampness. Thus, the walls of the laundry spaces supposedly fall victim to dampness related issues. The households have to use numerous means to contain that dampness. To prevent this, the experts would suggest applying tiles on the walls and make them waterproof once and for all. 

So these are the 4 golden rules that our laundry renovators from reputable companies would follow. Experts from Sealed Trading will not be different. Call us to book our service at the earliest.