Shower leaks may cause serious damage to structures, therefore it’s important to act quickly to stop the water from spreading. Finding the leak’s source comes first, followed by identifying the symptoms of a leaky shower and lastly fixing it. The age of your shower should be taken into account initially. It might not be worth attempting to fix if you’ve had it for a while. Older showers with a lot of use are typically more vulnerable to issues like leakage. It might not be as costly as you initially imagined to replace your shower, so give it some serious thinking.

Before you do anything

Turn off your water supply at the main stop tap and your hot water supply (typically accomplished by pushing a switch or turning a stop tap near your boiler) before attempting for leaking shower repairs in Burwood much alone replace, a leaky shower. Run your taps until no more water is coming out to ensure the system has been completely emptied. A variety of shower types have the potential to malfunction with time and individual shower components may leak. If you have a different type of shower that has started leaking, the experts recommend seeking advice from an experienced plumber. 

How to fix a leaky showerhead

Resolving quality shower repairs in South Yarra from your shower head alone should be far simpler than dealing with leaks from other areas of the shower. Just adhere to these guidelines.

Clean your showerhead

The accumulation of dirt particles and limescale can cause obstructions, limited flow and even leaks. After soaking your shower head in a solution of white vinegar and water, remove it and give it a thorough cleaning. Scrub the shower head completely with a toothbrush. We go into great depth in our article on cleaning your shower head.

Secure the Oring using tape

Examine the O ring which is also known as a washer. The purpose of this little rubber ring is to stop water leaks at the connection point between the shower head and the hose. It is worth repairing if it appears worn out or damaged. It would be worthwhile to apply some adhesive tape to the threads on the pipe stem’s end if the O ring appears to be in good condition. This will assist create a tight seal and stop the threads from seizing in the future.

Reattach your shower head and switch back on

Reinstall and manually tighten your shower head until it feels snug. With your pliers, you may then tighten it even further. After turning the water back on to ensure smooth operation, turn it off again to ensure there are no leaks left. Your problem with shower renovations in Glen Iris should be resolved by taking these steps.

How to repair a leaky shower valve

If the leak originates from your shower valve, it can be a more complex problem that is difficult or impossible to resolve. Make sure your water is off at the mains before taking the handle off the valve. A screwdriver will be needed to remove an easy-to-release screw. This will enable you to reach the valve itself by removing any covering plates or trim. The gasket ought should be visible now.

Although it may save you time and money to replace or fix a leaky shower, we always advise contacting a reputable and professional plumber to handle tasks like this. If you are not skilled at doing this kind of DIY, you can harm your plumbing and bathroom which would be more expensive to restore later.

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