Bathroom Waterproofing Services Armadale

Secure Your Property with Quality Bathroom Waterproofing Services Armadale

It goes without saying that your bathroom has to be flawlessly waterproof, for obvious reasons. Any lacuna in your bathroom waterproofing will result in water seepage into the walls and the flooring, causing structural disintegration leading to very expensive and labourious restoration.

That’s why, if you are having your new home built, you need to hire the best qualified water proofers in Armadale, who will use all their expertise and qualification to come up with faultless waterproofing for your new home. And if you are looking for the best bathroom waterproofing services in Armadale, your search should end at Sealed Trading. With over 10 years of experience, we are one of the most trustworthy names to offer bathroom waterproofing to new homes, as well as to make amends to faulty waterproofing to your home. Thus, with such an all encompassing service, we are the best waterproofing company in Armadale.


What are the symptoms that you need to hire water proofers in Armadale?

There are certain telltale signs that say your bathroom needs some waterproofing repairs in Armadale. They include:

  • A perpetual dampness of walls and flooring.
  • Permanent sweating of tiles.
  • A looming musty smell that cannot be dispersed by anything.
  • Blistering and/or peeling of paints.
  • Growth of mould and mildew.
  • Water and/or rust staining on appliances, and other metallic objects and surfaces.

Summon our experts offering bathroom waterproofing services in Armadale and they will take stock of the extent of repairs using their expertise, experience and cutting edge tools and take the necessary actions.

Bathroom Waterproofing Services Armadale
Waterproofing Repairs Armadale

What are the USPs of our bathroom waterproofing services in Armadale?

  • All our qualified water proofers in Armadale are, experienced, licensed, and bonded
  • They have at their disposal, the best and the latest tools and equipment
  • They are on time and prompt
  • Our waterproofing services are customised, unparalleled in terms of quality
  • We offer on time, on budget waterproofing solutions
  • Our waterproofing as been affordable, despite being amongst the finest

What are the best questions to ask before hiring our water proofers in Armadale?

Why is your bathroom waterproofing so trustworthy?

Our bathroom waterproofing in Armadale abides by the Australian standard and as such, we have turned out to be as trustworthy as we can be.

How much will your bathroom waterproofing cost?
Your bathroom waterproofing expenses will depend on the extent and gravity of waterproofing that your bathroom needs.
When will I be able to use my bathroom after you are done with waterproofing restoration?
Generally, we give go ahead of using the bathroom after 48 to 72 hours of our waterproofing service.

What are the best questions to ask before hiring us?

Get in touch with us by dialling 0411432772 for an appointment with our Armadale bathroom waterproofing specialists. Or write to us at to get an online quote.

Waterproof for homes and commercial buildings

Complete Waterproofing Systems

  At Sealed Trading, we have a team of licensed waterproofing applicators who are qualified to recommend and install the best waterproofing system for your home or business. Our work complied with the National Construction Code (NCC) and Building Code of Australia standard AS3740. We can properly prime your walls and floors to reduce porosity, dusting, air entrapment and moisture residue. We then apply a waterproofing membrane, using the best method for your structure and budget. Advances in technology have made the methods of waterproofing membrane application more effective and less expensive.   The Sealed Trading team is also qualified to assess the direction and flow of water on your property during heavy rainfall, and can recommend preventative maintenance to protect from future leaks and the problems they cause.

Waterproofing Process

Waterproofing is not a process you should DIY (do it yourself), even if you were able to learn how to do it, the products available to the public is far below industry-grade products professional like us have access to.

Access Area

Our waterproofing specialists will come out to inspect the wet area that requires waterproofing.

Waterproofing Solution

Sealed Trading will recommend if not one a couple of waterproofing solutions with transparent costs. 

Quality Product and Installation

Our waterproofing experts use quality products for the area, and they use the correct methodology to apply the waterproofing membrane.  

Guaranteed for 8 Years

At Sealed Trading, we follow best industry practices and work to the Building Code of Australia standards (AS3740). All our work is fully insured and guaranteed for a minimum of eight years.